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Why Were You Searching For Me?

In the Christian Gospels, the four writers record Jesus asking 134 questions to various individuals or groups. It's the thesis of this book that Jesus still asks each one of these questions in our present time and place. Some of the questions are easy, some are hard. It is tempting to move many of the questions into the past saying, "Well, that was then, this is now." But Christians believe that Jesus is not someone who lived only long ago. We believe that he lives now. We believe that Jesus is of the present tense. Therefore, the questions he asks (not asked) are not just of historical interest with possible modern applications. They are as immediate as the questions of the traffic cop, "How fast were you going?" or a friend's, "What were you thinking?" or a parent's, "Where are you going?" The answers Jesus received in the past are certainly interesting. The ones we give today can be much more pertinent to us. Why Were You Searching For Me? can be read as a daily meditation, a group study, or as a personal study. A study guide will be available soon.