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The Story of Colorado Wines

Wine has been produced from grapes grown in Colorado since the earliest territorial days, but the industry never rebounded after Prohibition. Since 1980 there has been a rebound in the Colorado wine industry. In fact, many wine experts are declaring that high altitudes, a consistent climate, and warm days and cool nights combine to make Colorado wines the best in the nation. The Story of Colorado Wines gives a short history of wine production in Colorado together with a history of each individual retail winery or vineyard in Colorado. There are also directions to the wineries, details about their amenities such as wine tasting, and a phone number to call for further information. For over five decades, Abbott Fay has dedicated his life to exploring the history of Colorado. He is the author of ten books and is an adjunct professor of history at three Colorado colleges. When he became fascinated with the success of the Colorado wine industry, Abbott decided to search out not only the stories of the great wineries in Colorado, but also the fascinating history behind the Colorado winemaking industry.