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Playing Grandma's Games

Have you ever wondered how to play faro, farkle or goose? What about queen's guard, fox & geese, or bottecelli? Have you forgotten the rules to mumblety-peg, jackstraws or snakes & ladders? You'll find those and many more historical games for adults and children in this fun-filled volume. Grandma's games are as enjoyable today as they were hundreds of years ago. Karen Arnold has included information on the history and rules of play for board, dice, card, and Indian games - both indoors and outdoors. There is also a wonderful list of suppliers, as well as a complete bibliography and index. Karen South Arnold, Ph.D., has enjoyed all kinds of games since childhood. Taught cribbage by her grandfather, she progressed to other games and holds bridge master points. Dr. Arnold has written a number of research articles on such diverse topics as animal biology and historical clothing patterns. She enjoys historical research and reenacting early American history through the fur trade period. Happily, she has focused her talents on her pastimes to produce Playing Grandma's Games. This is a book that will benefit not just reenactors, but also everyone with an interest in how games were played BC (before computers).