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Minta Forever

Set in early 1900s, Minta Forever tells the story of nineteen-year-old Ella, who was caught in an abusive marriage and spent every day in fear of the wrath of her husband, Edmund, a devious, monstrous man. Every moment in his company was a new experience in torment, laced with the knowledge that he would likely kill her someday. But Edmund made an error in judgment when he manipulated her into marriage, for she was not the type of woman to be easily controlled; and when life with him became simply too unbearable, she devised a plan of escape. With nothing left to lose, Ella make a desperate bid for freedom in the wilds of southwest Colorado. Under the assumed name "Minta," she finds work as a schoolmistress, quickly discovering that riding roughshod over a one-room school filled with children of various ages and temperaments presents its own unique set of difficulties--not to mention complications arising due to interest in her from the single men in the area. As her self-confidence returns and she feels the support of the community, she begins to face such challenges with relish, as opposed to dread. But not even Minta realizes the extent of Edmund's determination to hunt down his wayward bride, an obsession fueled by murderous rage. Will she be able to survive another encounter with him? And will her neighbors be willing to stand up for her once they find out that the Minta they thought they knew does not exist, but rather, a woman responsible for leading a potential killer into their midst?