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In the Moro

One snowy fall in the early 1840s, John C. Fremont and his crew of thirty-three men headed to the high country of Colorado. Their mission: to survey the rugged San Juan Mountains for a railroad route. Instead, they found snow up to their shoulders, bone chilling cold, and--except for Fremont and his guide--death. In the Moro is based on that disastrous Fremont Fourth Expedition which occurred 150 years ago during the winter of 1848-49. This historical novel teams a retired physician and a retired college history professor in a search for what really happened during the snow-bound disaster where men ate their mules and then each other until only two men returned to civilization. The fictionalized ending may surprise you. This wonderful story takes place in southwestern Colorado and northern New Mexico, jumping back and forth between the present and 1849 until the reader feels that he is actually part of the past.