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Following the Sandhill Cranes in Colorado

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Base price with tax $13.97
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Sales price $13.97
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Product Info

Following the Sandhill Cranes in Colorado is an intimate journey of discovery, as seen through the eyes of author Evelyn Horn. This captivating book expresses the author's love affair with nature. Birds are especially of interest; in particular, the majestic sandhill cranes that populate, among other places, Hart's Basin in western Colorado. Evelyn Horn writes with such an enthusiasm for her subject that readers cannot help but be steadily drawn into her work by the fascinating intricacies that make up the wonderful world of the birdwatcher. Following the Sandhill Cranes is filled with interesting facts regarding local fowl, and Evelyn Horn imparts her knowledge with such keen observations as to alert readers to bird behavior that many avid birdwatchers would fail to notice. With a compounding sense of excitement and wonder, Ms. Horn cheerfully invites readers to gaze into her spotting scope and witness first hand the beauty of these magnificent creatures.

Price: $14.95
196 Pages
84 Illustrations & 2 Photographs
Width: 5.50
Height: 7.50
ISBN: 1-932738-05-3


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