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Cochetopa Dreams

When Susan O'Brian first heard about the caretaker job at the Circle J Ranch near Saguache, Colorado, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to forge a new life for her and her son, Ben. The picturesque beauty of the untamed wilderness promised to rekindle her spirit and fulfill Susan's dream of a life away from the crush of the city. Although enamored with the land,Susan soon discovers that the Circle J holds some terrifying secrets linking her to the lives of the ranch's founders--secrets with the power to invade her dreams and give her glimpses into the ranch's long forgotten past. For the nearby woods were once the setting of a great family tragedy, an event that cost the life of Nathaniel, a boy whose mother, Ruth, was at one time owner of the Circle J Ranch. Susan's dreams eventually become visitations as she finds herself learning the details of the tragic story from Ruth's ghost. Suddenly, Susan's own life begins to parallel Ruth's when an early winter blizzard descends on the mountains and her son becomes entangled in a life and death struggle similar to the one that claimed Nathaniel's life all those years ago.