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Leadville Johnny

John Francis Campion, also known as "Leadville Johnny," was the Leadville silver boom's richest of the rich.Starting his career in mining in California in 1868, Campion soon moved to Eureka, Nevada, where he sold and developed mining properties during that state's boom days, and then quickly left for Leadville, Colorado, during its amazing boom days of 1879. Campion did very well in Leadville and by 1891 helped form the Ibex Mining Company. Soon Campion was close friends with most of the men who had made large fortunes, such as J.J. Brown, husband of Molly Brown, who is often wrongly identified as Leadville Johnny. J.J. Brown was given the title by movie makers in order to make the movie and play "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" more interesting. Although J.J. and Molly's lives were interesting, the life of John Campion was much more lavish and awe-inspiring.