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Ida: Her Labor of Love

Ida met her husband in Nebraska when she was 14 but waited until she was 15 before marrying him. She was somewhat disgusted with her mother for having so many children, yet she herself was to have fourteen. She obediently followed her husband from Nebraska to Kansas and on to Colorado--never establishing a real home and usually on the move. Ida could be the story of a down-trodden woman but instead it is the story of a woman with great dignity, honor and grace. Ida witnessed the birth of mining in central Colorado, first at Leadville and then in the small towns around Glenwood Springs--Eagle, Edwards, Red Cliff, and Grand Valley, just to name a few. She lived in everything from a hole in the ground to a nice home. She lived simply because she had to be able to transport everything she had in the bed of a single wagon. She was a great example of strength and endurance. She experienced great pain as she constantly moved from place to place. She fulfilled the role of an ordinary woman of that time--a hard life as an obedient and submissive wife and mother. Step back in time and see what life was like for Ida.