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Colorado Avalanche Disasters

Throughout Colorado's history its mountains have been the focus of its economic development but along with the attraction there has been an attendant danger. Avalanches have taken their toll on travelers, miners, and skiers. Avalanches cause more property damage, deaths, and injuries in Colorado than any other state in the Union, including Alaska and Washington states. In Colorado Avalanche Disasters you will relive the sacrifices, despair, and elation of men, women, and children who faced Colorado's greatest avalanche disasters. These true tales carry the reader throughout the mountains of Colorado - from the northern ranges to the southern San Juans. John Jenkins graduated from Western State College with a degree in history. He is descended from a pioneering Colorado family - his being the fourth generation. He has written articles on Colorado history for the Colorado Mountain Club, worked seasonally as a park ranger in Alaska and placed the American Mountaineering Center in Golden on the National Register of Historic Places. For recreation he enjoys telemark skiing and climbing Colorado's high peaks. This is his first book.