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Durango Country

The city of Durango and its surrounding area are regarded as one of the richest historical sites in the nation. Inhabited by the Anasazi before the birth of Christ, the region eventually witnessed the founding of Durango as a railroad town; later, the city transformed itself into a center for mining supplies, as well as a location for illing the valuable ore being brought down from the nearby mountains. Today, it functions as a center for sporting and cultural events, many of which celebrate Colorado's distinctive heritage. Durango's scenic terrain is renowned for its majestic beauty and distinctive seasons, as well as its astonishing variety of plants, flowers, and wildlife, making the area a visual cornucopia of nature's limitless bounty. Being situated within such an idyllic setting has made Durango a world-class sporting destination for events such as bicycling, whitewater rafting, skiing, and fishing. Sportsmen and women, both amateur and professional, from all over the globe journey to Durango in order to take advantage of its unique sporting opportunities. The town has also evolved into one of Colorado's premier cultural centers, playing host to a myriad of festivals celebrating everything that Durango has to offer, including the abundant historical qualities of the region. The exemplary photography of Claude Steelman is the perfect medium for capturing the essence and scenic wonder of one of the ost beautiful and exciting areas in the entire country. Mr. Steelman has devoted a significant portion of his life to seeking out the implicit beauty of his home state of Colorado, and this, his second photography book, once again succeeds at getting to the heart of what makes this land so extraordinary.