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Early American Toys and Games

Instead of spending a small fortune buying the newest gadgets and electronic games, how about teaching our children the marvels of self-reliance, imagination, creativity, and a love of the great outdoors? Here are complete instructions on how to make seventy-five classic toys and instructions for playing forty-six classic games. Early American Toys & Games will show your child how to build a scooter, a sailboat, stilts, whistles, a periscope, and much, much more. There are games for the very young like London Bridge, Farmer In The Dell, and Train; or games for older children like Hopscotch, Crack the Whip, and Mumbly Peg. Whatever your choice, there are hours of educational entertainment for any child. Charles Overstreet has been writing about the early West for several years. Two of his previous books have won first place for the Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers and Photographers annual writing contests. He spent years gathering, assembling and writing about these Early American toys and games for his latest book, which he hopes will bring back some of the fun and values of the past.