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Daisy The Cripple Creek Donkey

Adam, a young boy visiting his grandfather in the scenic mountains of Colorado, discovers an amazing fact. Living in the wild just outside his grandfather's doorstep are donkeys whose ancestors had worked to pack ore out of nearby mines and who played a crucial part in turning the surrounding area into the "gold capital of the world." More amazing yet, Adam learns that one of the donkeys also suffers from a physical handicap similar to his own. She is a "jenny" named Daisy and, like Adam, was born with weak legs that prevent her from keeping up with the rest of her kind. But Adam is determined to help her change all that. With the help of his beloved grandfather and in memory of his departed grandmother, Adam enters Daisy in the "Donkey Derby Days," a race that no one else thinks they have a shot at winning. Examining his past and the ways in which he was able to conquer his own physical disadvantage, Adam devises a unique method for evening up the odds and giving Daisy an opportunity to show how even the most lowly of donkeys can come out on top. Daisy the Cripple Creek Donkey is an endearing and fast paced read that demonstrated to children now obstacles in their lives can be overcome through perserverance. Children will be captivated by Adam's evolving relationship with Daisy and the innovative steps he takes in order to turn Daisy into a champion.