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A Sense of Place

Perk Vickers was born in Lake City in 1914 andhas lived there all of his life, never desiring to be anywhere else. His father, John, arrived in Lake City in 1888 when Grover Cleveland was president and Colorado had only been a state for twelve years. Perk has always felt a real connection with, and a deep respect for, this special place, which he has described as being "about as close to heaven as a man can get." Perk Vickers is a man of ready wit and has a well-developed sense of irony. He is a student of history and a consummate Irish storyteller. He has been a rancher, miner, politician, business owner, heavy machinery operator, developer, and much more. He knows this part of Colorado as well as any man alive and lives a satisfied life -- he wouldn't change a thing. Above all, Perk Vickers has a love of family, a love of the land, and a sense of place -- attributes that we would do well to emulate. A Sense of Place is the story of a special man, a close-knit family, a way of life, the changes experienced throughout an entire century, and a special place in the beautiful San Juan Mountains of Colorado. This book will help you to realize what is really important in life as well as informing you about a very special place to live.