Tales from the Trappers' Trail

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Interesting, enjoyable and historically accurate--Tales from the Trappers' Trail features nine captivating stories that provide readers a lively, yet thorough history of early trade routes and cultural changes that shaped northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

From Spanish conquistadors to Zebulon Pike, from the Mexican-American War to the Sand Creek Massacre--this collection of narratives shares a unique perspective of the past, with all its accompanying hardships, atrocities, and attitudes of the day.

The appeal of Kay Beth Faris Avery's factually-based work lies in the truth and accuracy of her well-researched and footnoted, time-worthy tales of personal interaction and recognizable events.

Story lovers and history buffs of all ages will greatly enjoy this book for its dramatic characterizations, informational maps, and the wealth of source material that it provides.

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340 Pages

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ISBN: 978-1-932738-84-1


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