Kay Beth Faris Avery

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Kay Beth Avery, a native of southern Colorado, has been in love with the "Old West" since she was a little girl sitting in a ranch house kitchen listening to her father and his siblings conjure up stories about real western characters.  Usually they peppered their own personal accounts with a mixture of truth and folklore.  Maybe that's why the merging of history and literature became second nature for Kay Beth at an early age.

Over the past four decades, this author has won short story contests and published several professional journal articles on the subjects of reading, technical writing, integrating English and social studies, and legal guidelines for journalism teachers.  Several of these can still be found online.

Kay Beth was an educator for thirty years.  She taught English in a rural high school within northwestern Kansas, a middle school on the island of Guam, and a boarding school on New Mexico's Navajo Reservation.  She served as a media specialist at Oak Ridge High School in Orlando, Florida, and eventually retired from the position of curriculum specialist/librarian at the Technical Education Center Osceola in Kissimmee, Florida.  As a writer she now strives to make history come alive for both adolescent and adult readers by writing well-researched historical fiction and creative biographies.

Kay Beth has been married to Charles W. Avery for forty-five years.  She is the mother of two daughters and the loving admirer of three handsome grandsons.